The disturbing neglect this blog has received for the past month-ish is due to this fact. Fortunately not living on the street quite yet, but all of my worldly possessions are in something with wheels on it. I never thought I would feel what it means to be "in a recession". I have been searching HARD for a job for over 6 weeks now. I have gotten one call back, which never went anywhere. I never thought I could want to mop floors so bad. I would do anything right now, just to be making money.
Nowadays, I perform such glamorous activities as showering at the gym, sleeping on floors, and stealing WiFi while idling in front of Safeway.
The worst part of it for me is that I'm not making anything. I haven't been drawing. I can't even spare a thought for creative flights of fancy because they seem so goddamn luxurious, and I'm wasting my time because why aren't I filling out that application to stack bananas at Whole Foods.
Add to this the fact that I am trying to apply for grad schools, but they each want at least $50 just to decide I'm not good enough to go there. I had to decide whether to pay my phone bill or send 5 pieces of paper to Columbia University.

At least I'm back in the Bay Area and have access to good burritos. Nom nom.

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