thrift store finds

I used to suck at finding good things at thrift stores, and I was perpetually jealous of those who could. Recently, I decided to never browse the clothing section ever again. Not that there aren't some amazing treasures hidden there, but something about digging through rack after rack of mostly unappealing garments puts my aesthetic radar on the fritz. I always felt a little icky afterwards, and I was in a hurry to leave. That meant I skipped over the framed artwork, home goods, shoes, etc, which have now become my most successful sections.

Erik and I went to Savers (like Goodwill) the other night, and I found these amazing little bowls from Mexico. They're hand-painted, so each little bird on the side has a unique personality. Someone must have gotten rid of a huge collection, because we found lots of other pieces; a pitcher, some little snack plates with sauce partitions. But everything else was cracked or chipped, or glued back together. So I only went for the tiny bowls.

And I got some shoes. These are considerably more femmey than I generally go for, as I am usually glued to my Converse, accessorized with jeans, plain tank tops, and buzzed hair. First of all, I needed dancing shoes for the Ballroom Dance class that Erik and I are taking. I had been using some flat sandals, but we're learning the rumba now and I did not feel appropriately vixeny in them. So I found these shoes with totally great colored straps, and they have smooth soles, perfect for the dance floor.

And my main stroke of luck ends up being a pair of Ferragamos, and they are in pristine condition except for a bit of wear on the bottom. I am not fashionable in a label kind of way, Erik even less so, and he's like, "You have to get them." Ding! They are mine, for $9.99. Oh yes. And they fit me perfectly.

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