who does she think she is?

In light of my post on Claudette Schreuders, I wanted to bring up this new documentary I've been hearing about, called Who Does She Think She Is. It's the story of five woman artists, and their struggles to be taken seriously as creators while also maintaining partnerships and raising children. It's a quandary that men simply do not have to face; no one would claim a man working late in the studio on a painting is neglecting his duties to his child or lover. I haven't seen the film yet, but the trailer alone almost brings me to tears. One of the artists, Angela Williams, who is a dancer, says of following her creative vision,
"I feel like I am in the middle of a forest. There are no paths. I have no companions. And I hear wolves."
Just hearing her speak such a powerful truth out loud is like having an electric current run through me. Yes, I think, yes. One of the other women relates that a museum director was in her studio, and told her point blank that she would never be taken seriously because she is a woman and a mom.
In another clip, a couple on the street is asked to name 5 female artists between them. They can't. I think I'm going to sit down some time and see how many I can name. I am pretty sure it's more than 20. I'll probably post my list. And I hope to see this film as soon as possible.

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