soft greys

I'm working on projects nowadays, especially ones for Cosmonaut, that are made of industrial felt. I've already done screenprinting on it for coasters, and I have lots of other ideas in the works, but I am often left wondering what ink colors to use. I have a few inks left from last year's printing projects that work with the soft, mottled grey, but I need new inspiration.

I got some images from ffffound that give me wonderful color ideas:

I'm thinking definitely white ink, probably a bright mediterranean blue color, and possibly warm apple green or pinkish-purple.

Even in my fine art paintings, I seem to be drawn to soft grey monochromes:

The Three Fates, 2008
Saturn Devouring Her Children, 2008

I should probably just embrace the inevitable and stay away from bright, punchy colors. I tried that with my last screenprinted collection, and it worked out fairly well, but all of the things I was printing on were neutral colored, and the inks could have been more cohesive color-wise.

Speaking of soft grey, today's project (well, technically yesterday's) falls into that category. New painting on an old chair part (put on the garage floor for easier photographing.)

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